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2012 : THE STORE

We opened the doors to our leicester store and began to build a community of like minded jewellery makers and designers.

We sell jewellery making supplies, beads and components in thousands of styles and offer help and advise not only to established designers and jewellery businesses but also to newcomers to the jewellery making world!

2015 : THE BRAND

In 2014 we had started work on our own jewellery collections and were making progress with our chain maille designs when we were approached by Richard lll Visitor Centre in Leicester to create a limited edition jewellery piece in honour of the reinterment of the King in Leicester Cathedral.

The white rose pin went on to be an award winning success and was sold worldwide.

And from there, Instinct UK was born.

We have focused our own collections mainly around incredible innovation and skill of people over time with a particular interest in chain maille, gears and cogs and morse code.

We have called this series -


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