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Dog + Human Matching accessories Set! An wonderful Gift for any Dog Lover!
Your dog deserves to look as dapper as you do!

Our Dog and Me set is part of our FAMILY + ME Collection - we offer matching bracelets for the whole family - and we did not forget the dog! Please visit the family + Me section of our store to see all of our sets and individual bracelets.

Dog House Collar:
Made from genuine woven Leather finished with a stainless Steel magnetic fastener.
Our necklace collars are designed to be an adorable compliment to their owners matching bracelet. They are not a replacement for your dogs usual outdoor collar and cannot be connected to a lead.
Our clasp fastener is extremely strong and can only be opened by lining up the 2 sides of the magnet and pulling the two ends apart. If you pull from the back of the collar for example it is difficult to get the clasp to open. This design make the house collar extreme strong.

Human Bracelet!
Made from the same woven genuine leather and finished with our signature matching stainless steel clasp.

Dog: Please choose from the dropdown menu a size between 9 - 20 Inches
When measuring your dog for their collar, measure loosely the area you would like the collar to fit and add at least 1 extra inch - 2 inches if you have a really hairy dog like our Model labradoodle!
If you have a custom size that you don't see in the dropdown menu, please leave the exact measurement in the comments at checkout.

Please choose the Centimetre measurement from the drop down menu as well as your chosen colour for your matching set. Here is a size listing to give you an idea of which length to order for your "human" bracelet:

Small - 17cms
Standard - 18.5cm
Large - 20.5cms

Small: 18.5cms
Standard: 20.5cms
Large: 22.5cms

We have 8 Colour options to choose from, some are in 4mm leather and some in 5mm leather:

Coral - 4mm leather
Turquoise - 4mm Leather
Red - 4mm Leather
Purple - 4mm Leather
Black - 5mm Leather
Natural - 5mm Leather
Dark Brown - 5mm leather
Navy - 5mm leather

If you have any special requests or requirements, please let us know and we'll accommodate in
anyway we can.

DOG + ME - Dog House Collar (necklace) and Bracelet Matching Set!

SKU: dog/me