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Electric Blue feathered Spear Pendants Necklace.

Each 'spear' moves independently creating a flowing, modern, stylish finish.


This necklace comes to you in a hessian gift pouch.




Spear size: Each spear bead is 3 x 11mm

Material: Glass and Stainless Steel

Colour: Electric blue. 

Finish: This design uses shiny glass spear beads.


Stainless Steel: All of the metal components are made entirely from Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel is a wonderful jewellery making material. It is strong and durable. Its quality doesn't diminish over time and it does not tarnish. It is great for those with sensitive skin.


Inspiration: This collection is part of our Human Initiative Series based around human innovation and achievement.

Our Spear collection is based on one of the earliest innovations from the Stoneage - Flint tool making. With a splash of colour and a beautiful finish these tiny little spears are transformed from stoneage weaponry to beautiful, modern tactile jewellery.


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Electric Blue Spear Pendant Necklace

SKU: S1002